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After a long period of development, Vietnam is currently one of the countries which has an attractive investment environment and many competitive advantages. Vietnam is welcoming investors, including the world's leading transnational economic groups, come from more than 100 countries and territories. This shows that Vietnam has become an attractive destination for foreign investment. With the trend of globalization for many years, many trade agreements have been signed to increase trade between Vietnam and other countries in the world.

As a result, international trading demand is expanding. In order to create a condition to connect domestic and foreign enterprises, ATIMEX VIETNAM CO.,LTD was established in 2009 with the main business of import-export services. Generally speaking, we handle export activities for a domestic company that wants to sell products abroad but does not know how, or a foreign company wants to bring in products and services to Vietnam, but has problems with legal procedures or lack of thorough research on the domestic market. We will provide you with optimal import and export solutions, tell us your toughest needs, and we'll make it simple.

ATIMEX VIETNAM operates in the field of Import and Export, the company has the main function of Entrusted import-export service, trading services, wholesale and retail goods in domestic market. The company has established trade relations with many countries around the world, especially in Germany, the USA, Japan, Korea, Asian and European countries, as the leading members in the export of the construction materials such as: Cotto tile, Ceramic tile, Sanitary ware, Office furniture and handicraft products. The most trusted importer in machinery, equipment and spare part in the underground construction, the shipping container production and the high building internal furniture ... With a wealth of experience in production and business activities, ATIMEX VIETNAM is a reliable partner for domestic and international customers.