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G50 Steel Grits

Vendor: Updating

Status: In stock

Place Of Origin: China

Shape: Angular

Color: Black

Application: Blasting Cleaning

Product description:Atimex supplies G50 steel grits, casting steel grits with GP50, GL50 and GH50 type for surface blast cleaning of stainless steel plates, thin steel plates, non -ferrous alloys, democrat coat.

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High carbon Steel Grit produces an etched or angular surface profile and is well suited for cleaning, descaling, etching and de-sanding applications. Our high quality steel grit has a long service life and is used in both wheel blast machines and blast rooms.

Operative Standards:

In accordance with standards of GB/T18838.3-2008 Steel Shot and Steel Grit,SFSA20-66Cast Steel Abrasive, SAE J827 Cast Steel Shot, SAE J1993High Carbon Steel Grit, YB/T5149-1993 Cast Steel Shot, YB/T5150-1993Cast Steel Grit,ISO11124-3High Carbon Cast Steel Shot and Grit.

Application Equipment

● Shot Blasting Machine (Auto Wheel Blasting Machine)

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine | Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine | Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine | Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine | Turntable Shot Blasting Machine | Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine | Overhead Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine | Steel Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine | Trolley Type Shot Blasting Machine | Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine etc.

● Blasting Room

● Sand Blasting Machine, Blasting Pot

● Shot Peening Machine