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SS201, SS304, SS316, SS410, SS430 Stainless Steel Shot

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Status: In stock

Place Of Origin: China

Shape: As Cut & Conditioned

Material: Stainless Steel 304, 202, 201, 430, 410

Application: Shot Blasting & Peening

Product description:As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel cut wire shots, Atimex provides 304 / SUS304 / SS304 stainless steel shot as cut and conditioned at great price.

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As a leading manufacturer of metal abrasives, Atimex provides stainless Steel Shots as cut and conditioned for our clients at great price.

Stainless steel shot as cut, which is also called for cylindrical stainless steel Cut Wire Shots, is made by cutting stainless steel wires. The cylindrical cut wire shots have the shape edges during the cutting process.

The cylindrical stainless steel cut wire shots are used as blasting material in various industries such as castings, aluminium die castings, brass components and other metals on which carbon contamination is harmful.

Surface cleaned by stainless steel wire cut shots is exceptionally bright and smooth. Since cylindrical cut wire is whole-bodied shot with no scales or oxides present, it creates no dust and leave the surface clean and bright.

Stainless steel shots conditioned, which is also called for Spherical conditioned stainless steel cut wire shots, is made by stainless steel wire after cutting and conditioning process. During the process, we can obtained several conditioned forms G1 (normal conditioned), G2 (double conditioned) and G3 (special conditioned), where G3 is the perfect rounded particle.

Spherical conditioned stainless cut wire shots are used more in the shot peening process in different industries such as automotive industries, aerospace industry, medical industry, shipping industry etc.