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Stepnose Cotto Tile

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Light Red

Stepnose Cotto Tile

Code Item: DV04

Color: Light Red / Burgundy / Chocolate / Cappuccino

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Color: Light Red - Item Code: DV04-L

Size (mm): / Weight (kg/pc)

DV04-L3: 300x300x13mm / 3kg

DV04-L4: 400x300x14mm / 4.5kg

DV04-L5: 500x300x14mm / 5kg

Color: Burgundy - Item Code: DV04-B

Size (mm): / Weight (kg/pc)

DV04-B3: 300x300x13mm / 3kg

DV04-B4: 400x300x14mm / 4.5kg

DV04-B5: 500x300x14mm / 5kg

Color: Chocolate - Item Code: DV04-CH

Size (mm): / Weight (kg/pc)

DV04-CH3: 300x300x13mm / 3kg

DV04-CH4: 400x300x14mm / 4.5kg

DV04-CH5: 500x300x14mm / 5kg

Color: Cappuccino - Item Code: DV04-C

Size (mm): / Weight (kg/pc)

DV04-C3: 300x300x13mm / 3kg

DV04-C4: 400x300x14mm / 4.5kg

DV04-C5: 500x300x14mm / 5kg